Appointments, cancellation, lateness

Appointments need to be previously arranged. Please contact me via e-mail. 

My current consultation hours are:
Monday 13-20 / 1pm-8pm
Tuesday 9-14 / 9am-2pm
Wednesday 13-20 / 1pm-8pm
Thursday 9-14 / 9am-2pm

Appointments need to be cancelled at least 24 hours before via e-mail other wise they might still be charged.

Please arrive on time or contact me in case of lateness. In case of being late for at least 15 minutes, I consider our appointment as cancelled and it might be charged.

Regulations concerning Covid-19
From March 16th on, according to § 20a IfSG, people working in health services need to be vaccinated. I am vaccinated three times and follow the current regulations. For our appointments, I ask you to provide proof of your vaccinations or a negative test, which was taken within the past 24 hours. Concerning the mask policy, we can make an agreement ahead of the appointment.

There are several ways of settlements depending on who is covering the costs. My fees are based on the “Gebührenordnung für Psychotherapeut*innen (GOP)” or customary fees.

Self-pay patients
We would sign an individual therapy contract that is based on only a few regulations. I would send you invoices to settle up within two weeks. Prices are based on the “Gebührenordnung für Psychotherapeut*innen (GOP)”. In case of free spots I can ensure an early beginning of therapy.

Private insurance
Fees are based on the “Gebührenordnung für Psychotherapeut*innen (GOP)“.  I would send you invoices to settle up within two weeks. How much of the costs your insurance covers, depends on their insurance policy. Please inform yourself about it in advance
. In case of free spots I can ensure an early beginning of therapy.

Legal insurance: reimbursement procedure

German legal health insurance companies principally cover the fees of an ambulant psychotherapy, if they made a cooperation agreement (so-called “Kassenzulassung/ Kassensitz“) with the respective therapist. These agreements are limited in number, and with me there is none. Since these agreements are limited, patients might have to wait for a long time (even months) before starting therapy.
If you need to start a therapy sooner, you could ask your insurance company for a reimbursement (so-called “Kostenerstattungsverfahren“). In this case you need to fill out a few documents, see a doctor as well as another therapist and write an application. If you are willing to work with me and try this way, I will support you in the process and explain everything step-by-step. Whether your insurance company covers the fees or not depends on the individual case and is not certainly predictable.

Standard prices (actual prices might differ in some cases, I would inform you beforehands)

Service Settlement Prices in €/ minutes
Preliminary session only self-paying 50 / 50
This is half the regular price according to GOP.
Psychotherapy session
self-paying/ private insurance/ legal insurance 100,55 /50 Regular price according to GOP.
Couples therapy only self-paying 100 / 50 Usual market price.
Counselling only self-paying 100 / 50
Usual market price.
on demand  

I am available for further requests.