Registration form for psychotherapy

This registration form is a prerequisite for an initial consultation. I need your information to be able to contact you and create the invoice. Additionally, this helps me ensure that you have read the relevant information and accepted the regulations.

Private Practice (Including reimbursement procedure)

I operate a private practice, meaning I do not have a contract with statutory/legal health insurances. Therefore, self-paying or privately insured individuals can usually start therapy directly with me. Individuals covered by statutory/legal health insurance must first submit an application for cost coverage to their health insurance provider. I will assist you with all necessary documents and information during this process.

Initial Consultation

Before the trial/probative sessions, I typically conduct an initial consultation. During this session, I gain an understanding of your current issues and outline approaches to address them. We discuss the conditions for potential collaboration.

The initial consultation must be invoiced privately as the procedures with health insurance providers are not yet settled at this stage. However, for individuals with statutory/legal insurance I only charge half of my standard hourly rate for this consultation (€50/50min), with typically 50 minutes being sufficient. Following the session, I will send you an invoice (to the email address provided by you), which is due for payment within one week.

Appointment Arrangement

Appointments that cannot be kept must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance via email.

If you fail to attend the agreed appointment or do not cancel at least 24 hours in advance, I reserve the right to invoice for the session.

Please arrive on time for appointments. If you have not arrived 15 minutes after the agreed appointment time, it will be considered a no-show, and I reserve the right to invoice for the session.

COVID-19/Corona Regulations
I am fully vaccinated and adhere to the prevailing, especially binding, rules regarding the handling of the coronavirus. For our sessions together, it is expected that you can provide valid evidence in accordance with current regulations, demonstrating vaccination, recovery, or a negative test result.